Monday, December 14, 2015

Mondays With Mary - December 1994

'Tis the season....

At the Wright household that meant, it was deer season. When I was little, my uncles would point out the individual deer hanging in the basement and call them by their names. There was Donner and Blitzen. Some years Comet and others were there. My biggest fear was descending  the old cement stairs to see a big, beautiful deer hanging there with its tongue out just under its red nose. I suppose it was some form of child abuse, but I seemed to have grown up and turned out O.K. (at least a few people think so).

December 1994-Deer Season

Friday, Dec. 9

14 degrees at 5:30 a.m. vacuumed- washed
load of clothes.  Went to library for book in p.m.
John G and Eldon B came about 5 p.m.
Dean here at 7 p.m. played cards to-nite

Saturday, Dec. 10

18 degrees @ 5:30 a.m.  boys out hunting deer
1st day-2nd season-  no luck.
Whimpy Lewis out in a.m. saw a lot of
 does but no bucks. played cards to-nite
getting colder.  Jon B out to feed cows.

Sunday, Dec. 11

8 degrees below @ 5:30 a.m.
dropped to 13 degrees below by day-lite
boys hunted all day.  Eldon shot me a doe.
Played cards to-nite.   Chili at noon.  Meatloaf tonight.

Monday, Dec. 12

8 degrees @ 5:30 a.m.  I went to quilt. The boys
still hunting deer. No luck on bucks but
 lots of deer seen.  Baker's preg checked cows
5 open.  Talked to Scottie to-nite.  Cats eating
on deer - put in basement. Cards again tonight.

Tuesday, Dec. 13

2 degrees @ 4 a.m.  warmed up to 8 degrees by
6 a.m.  trees all frosty - cut the deer up and took a
back ham to Glidden to be dried.  Boys hunted till
noon and then went home.  I put up the x-mas
tree. Cooked some deer bones.  Dean and Eldon took
rest of deer home with them.

So, another deer season came to an end on the same day Mary's grandson, Scott, left for the Navy. He was back to join the hunters nine years later. Sadly, that was the first deer season without Mary. As much as the hunters enjoyed the hunt, the camaraderie and the card playing, everyone knew Mary loved the season as much as they did...maybe more.

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