Thursday, December 31, 2015

Where Do We Go From Here?

Does the song from Evita surge through your head as you read the name of this post?  It does mine. I love that song and that musical.

I am obviously brainstorming the next direction with my blog. Of what should I write?

I had planned to memorialize the more that a dozen family and friends that departed life in 2015. I had even started gathering the funeral cards with pictures. However, it is really just too soon. Sadness continues in so many directions.

I could make some Genealogical New Years' resolutions. I could tease the reader about what is to come (if I only knew).  I do want to write about great-grandma Stella Smith's brother, LeRoy. I never finished that segment of the family.

Or I could talk about Cousin Bait. I am learning about Cousin Bait. Maybe there is a distant cousin out there who will connect with me, and we can advance each other's research. Actually, I have snagged a couple in just the last few weeks. I stumbled across them and have communicated with one. 2016 is looking promising for additional genealogical research.

I have made several promises about getting into the Wright side of the family (no pun intended). My husband says that when he married Miss Wright, he didn't know my first name was Always. O.K. I can hear the groans.

Then, there is that whole DNA testing direction which I have finally participated in.  Results in 4-6 weeks.

I could (and do) thank my readers: my cousins, my second cousins, my son, assorted relatives, friends, and complete strangers for reading my ramblings. I have enjoyed this enterprise immensely.

But really, where do I go from here as I wrapped up 2015 and embark on the 2016 posts of the blog called Cousins.

Stay tuned...An idea is beginning to develop.


  1. I didn't know your real name was "Always." ;)

    I believe the longest passage of time known to a genealogist is those four to six weeks between the test delivered and the test results delivered!

    Best wishes for a New Year full of those grand, developing ideas!

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  3. Thanks for your comment, Jacqi. I get so excited when I see a comment pending!