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Grandma's Own Words

Many, many years ago, long before I was interested in genealogy, I was given a photo copy of a document written by my paternal grandmother, Nina Francis Borden Wright.  I have always intended to read it. The time has finally come. As I understand it, my grandmother's daughters encouraged her to write her memories. Thank you to my aunts, those living and those who have passed, for this very special document. I have learned several things.  I believe this was written in 1970... 45 years ago.  I have tried to leave it as written, but have made a few changes for clarity. I actually kind of like Grandma's spelling for bought.

Grandma's Own Words:
At the age of three we moved from Chicago to Lake City.  Lived one block north and one half east of community building.  In about 1905, my dad bot the place now north Woodlawn.  Lived in the old house until 1912 when he bot the building at the central school & made it in a house that is still at the location.  He was an excellent carpenter and the house was one of the best.
In 1909 we went to Texas with Grandpa DeHart.  Dad built his house, barn, and other buildings.  We lived in a tent most of that year.  Stayed with a cousin, Calvin Thompson, at first.  The antique picture tells of how Ware, Texas looked that was the Hotel. (I am not aware of this photo, but will try to locate it) I remember when we arrived at Ware.  Grandma DeHart said to the conductor (where is the town) he said over there.  There was no depot.  Grandpa DeHart took his cattle & possessions on a train. (They went there for Carolyn's health.)
On Christmas eve we drove six miles in a wagon for Grandma DeHart to play for me to sing (Little Lord Jesus).  How many now would drive 6 mi. in a wagon to sing on Christmas eve.
In 1910 we moved back to Lake City, came by the way of Binkelman, Nebr. to visit Uncle Jim DeHarts.  They were living in town at the time & were hauling lumber to build on the farm.  Our house at Lake City was rented so we stayed with Aunt Alice for a short time.  Having missed the year of school I skipped the 2nd grade.  The school was known as the Clondike. It burned in 1922 and so is now replaced by a new one by name of Lincoln School.
I remember as a child always getting dressed up on Sat. afternoon and going up town. Band would play once a week... so many good times.  On Decoration day all the school children would march in the parade.  Eva Peterson and I went one year and helped decorate the soldiers graves.
The first auto ride was in Texas 1909.   A man came to sell Grandpa DeHart some land.  The next was at Lake City in 1913 with our neighbor's boy Cecil Bradley.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley were our neighbors all the time we lived there.  Grandpa & Grandma Bradley lived where Campbells live now.  Evert George & Lula bot Bradley's place.  He was a good friend of Albert's and I've known her for years.
Grandpa DeHart built the house where Aunt Alice lived for his son, John.  Then she bot it.  To bad someone couldn't have kept it fixed up.  Aunt Mae is the only one left in that family.
I will never forget the day we moved in our new house.  It was sure swell (still is a nice house)  I walked many times to High School from there.  We had to walk - no cars.
My friend Helen Williams Shultz father ran the Isis Theater.  I sat many times by her while she played the piano for the silent picture shows.  She and Gladys Cloud Summer & I have kept in touch for all the years.  Gladys passed away in 1967.

When I was about ten, I started taking music lessons on our organ.  My first teacher was Katie Tibus.  After we moved in the new house, I won a certificate at Farleys. (They used to deal in pianos) so my Dad put it on the price of the piano.  Hamilton one of the best made.  I started taking music lessons again from Mrs. Farley then Lucy Kilgore (Hinton).  Then Mrs. Stuskenbrack.  My Dad wanted me to continue so I could teach but I didn't.  I played some for the services at the Old Christian Church where my friends, the Radleys, belonged.  Rev. McDonald was the preacher.  His son Charles McDonald is a preacher now.

My good friend Pearl Amaden Heath went to church at the Baptist Church & we sang in the choir.  My grandpas [grandparents]DeHart were very good Baptists & since I was very small I went to church regularly with them & my folks.  Used to go out with Grandma & ride in with them.  In the buggy, I was very close to Caroline so she was my big sister.  Poor Dear she was so bad off with asthma.
 My grandmother as a young girl.
Nina Francis Borden Wright

This is part one of her autobiography as she wrote it. Part II will appear on Monday, January 31. The next section will speak of her marriage and eight children. She is the mother of Harold Gene Wright who recently passed away.  Only two of her children are still living.


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