Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wright on Wednesday

A couple of years ago, I obtained a genealogy program called Legacy. I took a class here in my winter haven and decided to start the input with the notes I had on the Wright family, my paternal side.  Last year I started a blog to try to get my notes, papers, memories and information from all sides organized and into a form that could be shared with cousins near and far as well as my own descendants.  However, I have not blogged about the Wrights yet. This was my plan for the winter of 2016. I have even started with a yet to be published document written by my grandmother.  It has two parts and will be appearing soon.

I have connected with some second cousins on Facebook who are also the great-grandchildren of my Great Grandparents Charlie and Jennie Wright.  I have yet to straighten all of them out, but have decided it would be a fun winter project.

Last spring, my posts began with a dedication to my mother's brother and her first cousin who had passed away unexpectedly in January.  I am starting to think I don't like January. My own father left us in January 2010.

And now, we have lost his youngest brother, Gene Wright (January 25, 2016).The family is in shock. Gene was in great physical condition. I guess one never knows what tomorrow will bring. I have said it so many times. Enjoy today, tomorrow may not come your way.

Gene was Harold Gene Wright, son of Albert and Nina Wright. He was the seventh child of eight. As a young man he lived with us for awhile on our farm becoming an older brother of sorts to me. He was cool. He played the guitar and sang and had a bit of a James Dean persona... especially when driving his motorcycle.  I loved riding with him because it made me cool too. I will have to admit not many 10 year olds get to be so cool.

As I write about the Wrights this winter, he will be on my mind and certainly in my heart.         Rest In Peace, Uncle Gene.

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