Friday, February 5, 2016


Each person has four grandparents. I realize I was lucky that I knew all four of my grandparents.  Then, we have eight great-grandparents. I actually knew four of my eight great-grandparents. Again, I feel extremely lucky.

Recently on a long car drive, I wondered if I could name all sixteen of my great-great grandparents. I challenge you to try the exercise.
I used no notes, just my memory. I was pleased that I could do it.

Dad's side

Royal R. Wright
Mary Siglin       parents of Charles Wright/Albert/Vern/Me

Olmsted             parents of Jennie Olmsted Wright/Albert/Vern/Me

Ira Borden
Adeline              parents of William Borden/Nina/Vern/Me

George J DeHart
Sarah Skaggs        parents of Emma Susan/Nina/Vern/Me

Mom's side

John M. Vorhies
Ginevra Withrow Vorhies  parents of Estella/Nina/Mary/Me          

George Smith
Mary Ford            parents of Hiram/Nina/Mary/Me

William Grisso 
Martha                  parents of John Martin/Bert/Mary/Me

Hamilton              parents of Laura/Bert/Mary/Me

This is a great exercise. I have realized that my great-great grandparents Olmsted are relative unknowns. However, I have some resources to search for more on them.

I think I should consider my great-great grandparents Hamilton as a brick wall.  It may be that great-grandma Laura was from an orphanage. 

Did you notice that both my maternal grandmother and paternal grandmother have the same name...Nina. One is Nina Francis (Frances) and the other is Nina Lorene. My grandfather's names were Bert and Albert, almost the same.

In addition to learning more about Great-Grandma Jennie Wright's parents, I need clarification on their last name. Is it Olmstead or Olmsted?

Great-Grandma Laura Grisso's parentage has the same challenge. Is it Hamilton or Hamelton?

My own grandmother, Nina Francis/Frances Borden Wright's middle name varies from document to document.

So many challenges. So little time.

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