Monday, February 29, 2016

Mondays With Mary - Lions and Lambs and Leap Years

Today is that fun day that only comes around every four years. It is leap year, and today is February 29. I only have four of Mary's calendars with me: 1985, 1990, 1991, 1994. There is no rhyme or reason to having these four with me this winter. They are just the ones I grabbed as I headed out the door in January to get away from the winter of 2016. Not one of these calendars have leap year in them.

What about a comparison of what happened in those four years on March 1, the day which might come in as a lion or a lamb. Do people even talk about such a thing in places where the weather is constantly wonderful.  Growing up we knew that if March came in like a lion, it would go out like a lamb and vice versa.

Friday, March 1, 1985

36 degrees @ 7:15  sun shining
another beautiful day - took SS check
to town - ate lunch in town.  Ardea & I drove over to Carroll in p.m. home about 4 p.m.  Vern filled propane stove tank in a.m.

Sunday, March 31, 1985

( side note) Everything stuck with 2 to 3 inch of snow on it.
30 degrees at 8:30 a.m still snowing, windy, about 10 inches of snow -  drove into Scranton about 4: p.m. snow melting, put snow in back of truck for weight.

Looks like March was in like a lamb and out like a lion in 1985.
Thursday, March 1, 1990

23 degrees @ 6:15  windy all day.
I went to Carroll for groceries & some fabric  -
Duane out in a.m. for machinery trailer
Vern went to town awhile in a.m.  too windy to spit wood in p.m.
read awhile - talked to Micki T on her birthday.

Saturday, March 31, 1990

42 degrees @ 8 a.m. John's bob tailed H had b calf.
Vern & Pat Murphy out listening for turkeys.
I went to Terrills in a.m. for coffee & a book @ library. 
 went for ride in p.m. for cigs & candy
 down around Dunbar to see geese.

Friday, March 1, 1991

raining to-day.  Duane out in a.m. to feed cows & Ina
recaulked bathtub - made chili & potato soup to take to Hilts for Micki's birthday party  - had a good time  lots of fun & surprises 
still raining to-nite

Sunday, March 31, 1991

38 degrees @ 6 a.m.   warmed up to 40ties
cool winds - made carpenter wheel pillow
B24A had calf in a.m.
Went for ride in p.m.  Mickey & Nona called to-day

Tuesday, March 1, 1994

10 degrees @ 5:30 a.m. warmed up  foggy all
morning  Vern went to Bayard for a hair cut.
John Eich killed in fog.  hit a school bus.  Jon B got the last 7 bales from 80.  We went to Carroll in p.m. for Vern's
boots, got him a pr of  pants.  Talked to Margie to-nite.

Thursday, March 31, 1994

30 degrees @ 3:30 a.m.  34 degrees @ 6 a.m.  Vern
plowed in a.m.  Jon put fertilizer on for corn ground.
Granny & Bl 58 both had calves.  Duane out & took silage cutter home.  beautiful day to 60 ties - I went to Sabus
 for FN club in p.m.  washed & ironed 2 quilt backings in a.m.

Once again March came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. Of course, far worse than the weather on March 1 was the accident that took John Eich's life.  John was the owner of Arcadia Limestone Company with whom Vern contracted the mining of the gravel pit on the farm.

I also guess that Mary had some trouble sleeping on that last day of March. I am so glad to learn what the temperature was at 3:30 a.m. that day. (Insert sarcastic or smart- aleck font) Of course, maybe that makes up for the lack of a temperature report on March 1, 1991
when all we learned was that it was raining. This is the first time I have come across a missing temperature report. Maybe there are others, but I doubt it. More calendar reading will tell.

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