Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Charles and Jennie Wright Famiy

I have another genealogy conference under my belt. It was well organized and very informative.  One of the jokes (I always remember the jokes) suggested if you really want to learn all there might be to know about your ancestors, you should run for political office.  I might suggest that posting a blog might accomplish the same goal.  Below I have a couple of pictures of my great- grandparents and their five children. Please let me know if I have misidentified anyone.
Youngest child is Amos. Seated is Albert. Flora, Byron, and Hattie are in the last row left to right. Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Jennie also seated.
Many years later, they are in a similar arrangement. Amos, the youngest, is to the right of Grandpa Charlie. To the left of Amos, is Flora, Byron, Hattie, and Albert. Grandma Jennie is seated between and Grandpa Charlie and Albert.

Below I am repeating these pictures in a larger size. They will go off the page, but might be better for closer observation.

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