Thursday, April 21, 2016

Aunt Mae-Sister of Emma Susan DeHart Borden

Within walking distance of the home of my great grandmother, Emma Susan DeHart Borden (1869-1956), was the residence of her younger sister, Mae (1883-1974). She was my great great aunt and was a sweet, sweet lady.  In another post, I mentioned their sister, Alice (1866-1950). These three girls had six brothers and two half siblings.

Aunt Mae was fourteen years younger than Grandma Borden. One family story says Grandma Borden (Emma Susan) accompanied Mae to Chicago for some reason and that is where she met William Borden. Some records says Emma and William were married in Lake City. They lived in Chicago in their early married years because this is where their only child, my grandmother Nina, was born September 19, 1900.

Aunt Mae married Arthur Henry Corey. Their children were Howard, married to Hester Bowles. Audrey, married to Ted Bean, and Carl, married to Phyliss Devitt.  Although to most of my readers, these are just names. Growing up, I often heard the names Howard and Hester. I think I just liked the ring of the H's. I remember Audrey and her family for several reasons. Audrey made a crude remark once when I was probably less than 10 years old. It was so gross in my little mind that I remember it clearly to this day.  She and her husband, Ted, also had a boy about my age, Teddy. I don't remember him fondly either. He was my second cousin once removed. I remember a big family reunion in Lake City where the old parents (they were probably in their 30's) played a wild game of softball and all the kids walked to the uptown theater to see the movie "Oklahoma". Oklahoma came out in 1955.

The movie theater in Lake City, Iowa is still in operation. I guess this is where my grandmother, Nina, sat during the silent movie days and helped with the music. From silent movies a hundred years ago in grandma's youth to a theater which now only runs films on the week-ends. Times change. However, this theater hangs on with town volunteers manning the concessions and admissions. What a town legacy!

Back to Aunt Mae

Mom and I spent the night at Aunt Mae's home one night when either she or Grandma Borden was ill. The house was full of cuckoo clocks which caused us not to sleep much due to the unsynchronized elements of the clocks. Mom was a bit fussy the next day I remember.

Aunt Mae lived to be around 91. She came to my wedding in 1966 when she was around 84. I have a picture of her in the receiving line and even remember the wedding gift she gave us.

Elizabeth Mae Dehart Corey
Younger sister of my great grandmother, Emma Susan DeHart Borden

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