Monday, April 4, 2016

Off a little

Does anyone notice when I fall off my regular schedule of posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. One week it was Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or so I thought. Upon further review I discovered it was Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. Did anyone notice? I doubt it. It really shouldn't matter, but I feel like I missed an assignment. I suppose it is the old teacher in me.  I think I might be off my schedule for awhile but still posting three times per week. I just thought I should warn my regular readers. 

My time is being taken up with rabbit trails down holes that contain information on the Olmstead family and the DeHart family.  Nathan and Anna DeHart had a daughter named Jennie who married Charles Howard Wright. Jennie and Charles are my great-grandparents.  I recently read an article or heard a speaker mention that just because one's great-grandparents are no longer living doesn't mean they aren't still your great-grandparents. Thus, the present tense is accurate.

I am also in the midst of discovering more about great-grandma Jennie's parents and ancestors. This has been one of my goals for a long time. I think a lot of this information has been out there. I just had to discover it. The Olmsteads promise to be an interesting family.

Jennie and Charles had a son named Albert, who is my paternal grandfather. He married Miss Nina Frances Borden. Her parents were Emma Susan DeHart Borden and William Borden.

The DeHarts lived in Lake City, Iowa and the Olmsteads and Wrights lived in Sac City, Iowa just up the road.  I wish to concentrate on these families for awhile. These are the ancestors of my father on both his mother and his father's side of the family.

I am disappointed with how this pedigree chart looks. I will be working on another way to present it. I hope it will help in clarifying whom I will be talking.


  1. Margie,
    George Miller (Vera Wright Miller's son & my first cousin) has volumes of history on our family going back to the 1500s in England. Vera is my Dad's (Merle Wright) sister.

  2. I don't know who posted this comment. Is it Jennie or a sibling? Isn't George moving to Texas? How can I see this information? Thanks.