Friday, June 10, 2016

And the tour goes on.....

The newspaper article which I consulted said...The Grisso mansion was completed in 1928 when Seminole City was still a boom town.  It was planned as the dream home of Grisso's wife, Margaret. 

The newspaper article was written in 1977 when Margaret was age 90 and still lived in the house.

We heard from our guide that Margaret, Maggie, was Doc Grisso's third wife. His first wife died as did his second.  Maggie had actually been attracted to Doc when they were kids back in Vidette, Arkansas. When he left that area, Maggie was only fourteen and unsuited (according to her parents) for marriage because of her age.  Years later when she was older, she traveled to Seminole and went to work at the post office. 

She came to Seminole to find him.  It looks like it worked. I also enjoyed the stories about the gas stoves.  She had carried all the wood she wanted. The contrast between growing up in the hills of the Ozarks and living in such a mansion in their life time is almost too hard to contemplate.

Back to the house. Let's go upstairs.

Four full bathrooms and three half-baths adjoin second floor bedrooms, with the master bedroom having its own sitting room, bath and dressing room.

Master Bedroom sitting area

Looking carefully at the pink wall behind the door, one can see the design of the bedroom walls. The backside of the door matches this pink design. The wood side or outside of the door matches the hallway. All the doors are like this.  They match the wall when closed.

The next post will continue with pictures of the mansion.  The beginning of this article which I have been referencing began as follows.
W.E. "Doc" Grisso , who made millions from Greater Seminole Oil Field productions in the 1920's put his money where his faith was, the future of Oklahoma.
His money and energy went into land - "the only real wealth," in his view - road building, education and some $750,000 into the home still known as the Grisso mansion.


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