Monday, June 6, 2016

Seminole, Oklahoma

Grisso Story Continued...

The Oklahoma spring tornadoes did not keep us from arriving in Seminole, Oklahoma on our travels a month ago. Although, it was a bit dicey. I know I would not want to live there. We have tornadoes in our home state, but those in Oklahoma seemed much scarier. We were glued to the weather broadcast on the T.V. for four hours, but we slept safely and enjoyed our short tour of Seminole.

Our first stop was the library where indeed there was a copy of The Grisso Family book. What a shock! It was huge! It has obviously been used often over the years because it is coming apart and not in the best shape. I had to take a picture of it because I never guessed it was such a tome.

I spent a couple of hours reading and copying a few pages to add to what I have. We rode around Seminole looking for Grisso Avenue. It is a lovely boulevard winding itself through the park.

 The next day we went to visit the Grisso Mansion. And yes, William Edward "Doc" Grisso was a second cousin once removed to our grandfather, Bert Grisso. They were both born in Fulton County, Arkansas and descended from Jacob Kittinger Grisso of Virginia.

William Edward "Doc" Grisso was the son of Jacob Grisso (1834-1883). Jacob's father, Madison (1807-1870), was the son of Jacob Kittinger Grisso (1772-1844).

This chart might be clearer.

                                     Jacob Kittinger Grisso

George W. Grisso          Madison      ----        brothers
William Madson            Jacob           ----        first cousins
John Martin                    William Edward "Doc" Grisso  ----2nd c.
Bert Roscoe                    Second cousin of "Doc" Grisso once removed from common ancestor Jacob Kittinger Grisso

Mary & siblings             Second cousin 2 times removed

Margie & 1st cousins     Second cousin 3 times removed

George, Madison, and James were the three brothers who settled
in northern Arkansas in the mid 1800 having left their parental home in Virginia. They migrated first to Tennessee and then on to Fulton, County Arkansas.

Now that we have established the relationship, we will learn a little more about the mansion and Doc Grisso.

Stay tuned.

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