Saturday, July 16, 2016

Part 3/San Fermin/Running of the Bulls

I have been reminiscing about my 1995 experience in Pamplona, Spain when I attended the Festival of San Fermin and saw the Running of the Bulls.  Those posts can be reviewed by clicking on the highlighted words.

This walk down memory lane began when I was sifting through a box identifying "throw away items" from "items to save". If you know me at all, you know which pile is higher.

Coming across a favorite cartoon, I realized the timing was perfect. July 6-July 14=the Festival of San Fermin.  I went in search of a photo album and voila, the memories came flooding back.  This 1995 adventure was truly an amazing experience.

Even though this cartoon was in the first post of the series, I am inserting it again.

Unfortunately, I did not finish this three part series in a timely fashion. The Festival of San Fermin finished on July 14. I have not located a few of photos I wanted to share. Then, an idea popped into my head. There is always next year.  So, I am ending this series for now, but I will add a little more next year.  Just so you know what is coming:

 We were up close to the arrival of a matador. No rock star, political fiqure, or other diva could have aroused such adoration. It was another cultural phenomena.

Fireworks... I have never seen any better.

Negatives... There were a few.

Until the Festival of San Fermin of 2017. Hasta la Vista.

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