Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Found it!

This summer's sorting has a few high points.  I wrote about my great-grandmother's sister, Mae DeHart Corey a while back. I placed it in the Featured Article section for easy review.  In that article I mentioned that somewhere I had a picture of Aunt Mae at my wedding. Eureka. I found it. Aunt Mae would actually be my great-great Aunt. I remember her as a sweet and kind woman, a woman everyone seemed to love.

Aunt Mae talking to my cousin, Sue.


  1. This photo of Aunt Mae reminds me of a story. We were having a shower, maybe for a wedding or a baby, I don’t remember. But it was held at Evie’s house. One of the games we played involved a roll of toilet paper. It was passed around the room with the instruction to take what you would use. Aunt Mae said that since she couldn’t see there was no use in her taking any. Her daughter Audrey commented, “Well, Mama, you can’t see to use it anyway.” After laughing Aunt Mae took “what she would use.” The next instruction was to tie the best bow you could with your toilet paper. Naturally, Aunt Mae won the contest and we all had a good laugh and I have a wonderful memory.

    1. This actually might have been my bridal shower. It was at Evie's in Boone. I even recently ran across a picture of it and Aunt Mae is in it.