Wednesday, September 21, 2016

West End Cafe

Anyone who has ever lived in our hometown in the 1950's knew the West End Cafe.  I don't know when it was established or when it closed. I don't even know how to go about finding out. All I know is that my grandmother, Nina Grisso, ran the West End Cafe when the Lincoln Highway still ran through town and right by her cafe. It was, and still is, US Highway 30. However, now it bypasses town and we refer to the highway as New Thirty. However, it has been there about 60 years. But, if the French can have a New Bridge (Pont Neuf) from the middle ages, we can have our New Thirty. As usual, I digress.

While cleaning out boxes this summer I came across this.

It is a little note pad with a calendar.  Please notice the phone number. We did not have dial in those days. Instead we had a central telephone operator who ran a switch board.

The spot where the West End Cafe sat (which I considered very famous) is now occupied by a Casey's convenience store.

 Time moves on.

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