Friday, January 20, 2017

Vorhies Review

 This family portrait which was taken around 1912 is very special.  It shows so many of my our ancestors. I am sorry that it is not a little clearer. In order to enlarge it and not compete with the right side panel, I have moved it to the bottom of the page.
Seated in the center of the portrait is Sarah Jane Withrow, mother of Ginevra Withrow Vorhies who is seated to her left. Notice that Ginevra is a fairly large woman. The family group further to her left (the viewers right) is the family of LeRoy Vorhies, youngest brother of Great-Grandma Estella Smith.  My last post was about LeRoy.  He is almost cut off on the right side of the photo. I tried to place him between side panel interruptions. LeRoy and wife Lulu had three children: Fern, b. 1905, Verl, b. 1906 and Harold b. 1911 and seated on his father's lap.
Estella is standing in the back row with her father, John Mac to her left and husband, Hiram Smith, to her right.
On the opposite side of the portrait are Eugene, Carrie, Lester, and Viola.  Look carefully, Carrie is holding the baby, Viola, born in 1912. (This is how I guessed the year of the portrait). Lester is sitting on his father's, Eugene, lap.
The children in the middle are: Nina, Merroll, Ardea, and Neva. Nina is my grandmother and the others are her siblings. Two of Estella's children were yet to be born.
There is another couple in the portrait who are unknown to me. I wonder if they are Carrie's parents. I think I see a resemblance. 

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