Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Climbing the Wright Tree

     My grandfather Albert LeRoy Wright, was the fourth child of Charles and Jennie Wright.  He married Nina Frances Borden June 1, 1921.  She was the only child of William and Emma Borden. One thing I had in common with my grandmother was being an only child. However, she became mother to eight children. I always said we would never have that in common.

     My mother had a picture collage of my dad's family that hung in the bedroom wherever my parents lived. In that collage were two studio portraits which I always enjoyed looking at.  One must have been taken in about 1943 based on the looks of the youngest child.  The other may have been taken sometime in the 50's. In the future I may be able to share these portraits. The portraits in this post are one more generation up the line.

     According to my database, the Wright Family Tree goes up something like this.

Our climb moves up the tree from Albert LeRoy Wright, my grandfather, to Charles Howard Wright. Great Grandpa Charlie lived to be 97.  I always heard that he died because of burns he obtained while cooking. He lived alone in Sac City, Iowa.

Amos, Flora, Byron, Hattie, Albert
Charles and Jennie

Earlier Years

Flora, Byron, Hattie
Charles, Amos, Albert, Jennie

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