Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Writing about the Wrights

     Every winter I plan to write about the Wrights. A few winters ago I began using Legacy as my database and focused on the Wright information I already had. My postings, however, have scarcely mentioned the Wrights. Last year I prepared a piece about
Jessie James and the Wright family. I planned to use it as an  introductory post for a series of Wright posts.  This has not happened yet.
     I am fairly certain I have been getting signs that it is time to write about the Wrights, my paternal line.
     Sign one: I have been hanging out with Wright first cousins during the last few days. This is a rare happening. Numerous states were represented.
     Sign two:  Several Wright second cousins whom I follow on Facebook have been posting old Wright photographs. Some are accompanied with questions about the identity of a relative here or there.
    Sign three:  I received a message from a DNA match cousin suggesting I put my information on the Family Search site.
Now I just have to revise and review.

     Let's start with my Dad's parents. He was their first child and the oldest of their three boys. Albert and Nina had five girls in addition to these three boys. Only two of these siblings remain.

Children Of Albert and Nina

La Verne William  ( 1922-2010)
Ina Carolyn            ( 1924-        )
LaVonne Frances    ( 1928-1996)
Albert LeRoy Jr.    ( 1930-1994)
Darlene Doll          ( 1934-2011)
Lela Mae               ( 1936-       )
Harold Gene          ( 1939-2016)
Nina Evelyn          ( 1941-2015)

Note: I would be very happy to receive information if something in my blog is not correct.  Dates can be funny things. Name spellings as well.

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