Sunday, May 27, 2018

That Same Old House

It has been over a month since my last post. I guess the time has come. The following post was written back then as well. However, I had some format problems so just abandoned the blog. I checked my stats and this blog has been viewed 19,999 times. Maybe if I get this post published, I can go over the top. One of my format problems had to do with the information on the last two photos. The first one is me with my Aunt Bonnie in approximately 1946. The second is my cousin, Sue, and I in the early to mid-fifties. I included it to show the house must have eventually been painted.

The last blog The House I Grew Up In is a post I have wanted to write for a long time. It is a house with so much family history. As I said before, it was a brand new house in 1910 for my Great-Grandmother, Estella Smith. While sorting old pictures, I found a few more that I want to share. 

Pictured below:

Grandpa Bert Grisso, Vern Wright, John Grisso
Donald Grisso, Marvin Grisso, Grandma Nina Grisso, Mary Grisso Wright.

Grandpa Bert Grisso, Grandma Nina Grisso, Vern Wright, Mary Wright, John Grisso

Donald Grisso, Marvin Grisso

This photo is labeled 1944.  This is before I was born, but where my mom and dad lived. Notice the old house. It certainly needs paint.

This is probably the summer of 1946. The house looks the same.

Aunt Bonnie and Margie

Margie and Susie

Sometime around 1953-1955

It looks like the house was finally painted.

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