Photo Album

This Photo Album was set up when I started this blog in March 2015.  I intended to add the pictures to it that I used in my posts. Here are the first ones I used in the Photo Album.
            Great Great Great Grandma Sarah Jane Swartzel Withrow

Ginevra- grandmother
Sarah Jane-great grandmother
photo about 1901

 Mary- baby
Mother- Nina-mother
Ginevra-great grandmother
Sarah-great great grandmother
photo about 1921

O.K. not much of a Photo Album yet.
So, today, September 9, 2015 I am adding a few more for you to peruse. Some have not appeared yet in a post. Oh, now I have your attention.

George, Jesse, and Mary Smith
Parents and brother of my great grandfather, Hiram Smith.
John Mac Vorhies in later years.

Ginevra and John Mac Vorhies
my great-great grandparents. Parents of Estella Smith.

Mother of Sarah Jane Swartzel Withrow
This makes her my 4th great grandmother.

Who can name them?

Great-Great Uncle Eugene and Aunt Carrie Vorhies. Gene was a brother to Great Grandma Estella Smith.

The day of my grandparent's, Bert and Nina Grisso, 50th wedding anniversary party. Nina is on the far right in pink with Bert behind her. On the left of the picture is her sister, Neva, and husband Bert behind her. In the middle, is Grandma's sister, Ardea, and her husband, Clarence.  Photo: 1970

Ardea and Clarence Stevens
a favorite photo
And here I am with the granddaughters of Uncle Steve (Clarence) and Aunt Ardea, my dear second cousins.
Photo: 2015


  1. Hi Margie, I saw on your Featured Post a picture of a young woman with glasses (I believe a possible Borden), who looks like a young woman I have in a family photo I found in my Grandma's things. I was wondering if you'd recognize who she was? Can I send you the photo?

  2. Yes, please do. You do know that you are talking to your mom's first cousin, right? The young woman is my grandmother, Nina Frances Borden Wright. You/Linda/Al/Nina. I am very, very excited that you are interested in genealogy. I am getting ready to do several weeks on the Wrights, Olmsteads, and DeHarts on my blog.

    1. I do know that yes. Okay so I do have it with the correct person, I have a family portrait with William/Emma/Nina. I have been interested in genealogy for quite some time but have limited time to put things together. I have enjoyed your blog a lot, not only for the information but the enthusiasm you have is great!