Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Five or six years ago, I attended a digital scrapbooking conference with my daughter. It was a most enjoyable week-end, but I have 
to admit I didn't retain much of what I learned or tried to learn. I did, however, come away with a compiled picture that is a gem.  It is important to remember I only had access to the photos I had with me at the time so my own daughter's picture is when she was a little girl and my picture is decades old. (no gray hair) Happy Mother's Day to these eight generations of  moms and one future (probably) mom.

Top left to right
Mother Swartzel, Sarah Jane Swartzel Withrow, Ginevra Withrow Vorhies

Middle left to right
Estella Vorhies Smith, Nina Smith Grisso, Mary Grisso Wright

Bottom left to right
Me, my daughter, my granddaughter

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