Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Leah Olive Smith Lee (1917-1996)

The last born child of Hiram and Estella Smith was Leah. She was the baby of the family and played the role.  She had a life long feud with her older sister, Neva. In death, they are buried next to one another. I guess you call that Karma.

Leah lead a colorful life I have been told. She lived many different places and was married at least twice. Her last husband was Alvin "Tex" Lee. He was a big tall Texan.  Tex and Leah lived in Oregon at the time I was in high school and college. I visited them once and enjoyed going with Uncle Tex to watch him shoe horses. They were the very proud owners of a champion appaloosa named Chief.

The family thought a lot of Tex. He must have been one of Aunt Leah's good choices.

After she was widowed, she spent her last years back in her hometown of Scranton. 

Back row:
Vern Wright, Gus Phelps, Leah Lee, Ardea Stevens, Nina Grisso, Neva Walker
Marilyn Smith Phelps, Tex Lee , Bert Grisso, Dorothy Smith

This picture is dated spring of 1959. Estella died in March of that year. The picture is taken at her dining room table. It might have been at the time of her funeral.

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