Saturday, June 27, 2015

Thoroughly Tramatic Thursday

Well, tramatic isn't really the best word. A better word would be frustrating, but it messes up the illiteration.

I have spent the afternoon trying to fix the internal links on the post called Nelle.  If you tried the links, you might have found yourself on the correct page or maybe in the editing section. Then, of course, there is the "this page doesn't exist"  message and others that I don't care to talk about.  Finally, I think I have made all the links work. My problem, among several, is that I forget what I am doing from time to time.  I am currently composing an Index page which will be all links to older posts. I hope that I will remember what I did today and by the time I have done 95+ links, I might remember. Old age and technology are not always compatible, but I keep working at it.

It seems like there should be some significance to today's post besides the fact that I want my readers to know those links work today unlike yesterday.  I don't usually post on Thursdays.  There should be something that makes you glad you stopped by.  How about some pictures. Pictures are fun.

My Great Grandma Estella Vorhies Smith holding me.

Two of Estella's great-great grandchildren.
Two of my favorite descendants.

Why we go to Arizona in the Winter.

The white we see in Arizona.


  1. Margie,

    I want to let you know that your blog is listed in today’s Fab Finds post at

  2. Well, if you had waited a day to post, you could have made it "Frankly Frustrating Friday." :)

    I sympathize with you on building correct links. However, you may find yourself, in the process, learning a bit about HTML coding...which isn't really a bad thing...

    1. Actually, I learned some HTML mark up coding about 15 years ago, but haven't used it so I am more than rusty. Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading.