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Just call me Nancy Drew.  In the past few days I've gathered some long awaited and unexpected information on Aurilla's daughter, Nelle.  To review, I wrote about Aurilla Rosella Withrow Frederick on March 12, 2015 in Fourth child-Aurilla Rosella Withrow Frederick. Aurilla was the fourth child of Joseph and Sarah Jane Withrow my original family line to write about on this blog. Aurilla died when she was 27 of consumption and left a small child.  As I say in A Little More about Aurilla (Rilley)I never knew the name of the child or if she grew up. I did know that Aurilla's husband, Mat, remarried. I know where his grave, his second wife's and Aurilla's graves are located. I even took flowers to Rilley's grave (her nickname) on Memorial Day this year (2015) There is also a child buried on the plot. So, I can assume this was the child of the second marriage since I think I have found the daughter of Mat and Aurilla.  I came across a newspaper article in my favorite source that mentioned a Nellie Frederick visiting her cousin E.H Vorhies. O.K. there she is. Her name is Nellie. I was so excited back in the spring and wrote a short piece called On the Track of Nellie Then, in another issue I found a mention of some teachers around the turn of the century and one is named Nellie Frederick. She would be about 19 so that fits. The 1900 census lists her as a school teacher.  I found that she lived in several other parts of the state. I guessed she might have been teaching there.

Then, I hit gold. Recently, while searching for information on Aunt Fanny (See: Aunt Fanny 1873-1956)  from my husband's tree, I found more information on Nelle Frederick from the 1930's. It seems she married. Yeah! She married a fellow that she had known as a young person in Willow Township, Iowa.  It appears that they ran into each other in California. It seems there was a Jefferson-California picnic on the first Friday of the month in California for many, many years.  Someone dutifully reported back to the hometown paper and listed the attendees.  I even discovered that my great-great grandfather, J.M Vorhies was in attendance in July 1930.  His wife. Ginevra, had passed away several years before. I guess he went to visit his niece, Nelle.

This fellow Nelle married in 1931 was Hiram Bowman. Then, I remembered I knew someone with the same last name who I have only known a few years. We connected and sure enough, Hiram was related to her late husband.  

 I love the whole idea of Cousin Bait. I have not actually had a bite on my Blog from a far flung cousin, but I have found a cousin connection that is pretty cool. I am so happy to learn that Nelle
Frederick Bowman lived into her 70's. Nelle, which she evidently went by and not Nellie, is my first cousin four times removed.  Pleased to finally meet you, Nelle. As an orphan and without decendants, I am so happy to finally find you and let you know you are remembered.

So, if I can find Nelle, can I find Carrie Plath?

Who Is Carrie Plath?

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