Monday, July 13, 2015

Mondays With Mary #7 (tusk part II)

Since publishing the newspaper article about the tusk that was found in my parent's gravel pit, I located additional information. The year was 1990. (The article can be read on Mondays With Mary from July 6, 2015) So, I pulled out the calendar to see what Mom had to say about the event.

Wednesday   June 6, 1990
     60* @ 7 a.m.  Cloudy- got my hair set in a.m.
      went to Ogden for meat-home @ 12:15-scrubbed
      kitchen floor-painted 2nd coat on east windows
      B-A-5 had bull calf in p.m.  Doug &Ta brought final payment
      on pickup-Melody Egan here to have help on sweat shirt -                             Bushman brought us an elephant tusk.

Thursday       June 7, 1990
       56*@ 7 am sun shining
       I went to Terrill's to take pillow to Jane & Carl. They
       came out later to see elephant tusk - Pat & George here
       about 11 am - watched movie on Carlsbad Cavern
       to Carroll to buy groceries- tub for E tusk- Duane  got sprayer going

Friday.     June 8, 1990
       66* @ 6:30 foggy. Cleared about noon-
       Scranton Journal came in am to take pictures
       of E tusk- George took video of it. Went to Jeff in
       pm to Bell Tower & pork burger supper      home
       6:30 pm     Washed Van.     Talked to Margie in am

So, it looks like there was quite a bit of activity centered around what Mom called an elephant tusk. The next week's entries are filled with names of friends who came to see the tusk.  It was quite the event.

Bushman is the name of the man from the gravel pit that brought them the tusk he had uncovered.  Pat is my mother's sister who was visiting from Oregon with her husband, George. The other people mentioned in her calendar were friends from around Scranton. Oh, and Margie, that's me, is her daughter.

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