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The Dehart Children

George Jackson Dehart, one of my Friday Features was the father of nine children with his first wife, Sarah Frances Skaggs Dehart. As noted in George Jackson Dehart (1835-1916) part two, he remarried after the death of Sarah Frances to Sarah Caroline Corey and they had two children.

I came across this picture in some documents handed down to me. The inscription on the back indicates this is George and Sarah Frances Dehart. I see a strong resemblance between Sarah and her daughter, Emma.

Emma Susan Dehart Borden

(March 15, 1869----30 March, 1956)

My direct line is with their 5th child, Emma Susan Dehart, who was born in Monroe County, West Virginia.  Her four older siblings were also born in Monroe County, West Virginia.  Sometime between March 1869 and July 1870 the family moved west. This is clear because of the birth of Emma in West Virginia in 1869 and the census form of 1870 in Illinois.

The family moved several more times as indicated by the birth places of the children, census records, and the biography from Calhoun County, Iowa.  Before featuring my great-grandmother Emma Susan Dehart Borden, I would like to introduce  her siblings.

James Floyd Dehart (1861-1920)
     This first child of George and Sarah was born October 2, 1861 in Palestine, Virginia. This is very near Monroe County where the other children were born. James's father, George, fought in the Civil War. This accounts for the next child not being born for several years.  This is only an assumption because I have not researched the length of the service of George.  I am currently doing some research on James Floyd Dehart. I think there are some long lost cousins on that family branch. 
     James Floyd Dehart was married to Aunt Blanche. One time I remember meeting her when I was a little girl. I have no idea why, but I really liked her. I didn't quite get how she was related, and I knew she was from far away.That faraway place was Nebraska, not really so far by today's standards but remember when I was a little girl, it was the "olden days". I knew Aunt Blanche was actually related by marriage.  She was the wife of my great grandma Borden's oldest brother, James Floyd Dehart.  The picture below is of my great grandmother, Emma Borden, and her sister-in-law Blanche Dehart.

I find the gloves in Aunt Blanche's hands interesting. They look like driving gloves. It looks like the picture was snapped just before she took off in her car.  Was she headed back to Nebraska? Had she driven to Iowa on her own. For some reason, I think so. Could this picture been taken on the day I remember with Aunt Blanche?

Fletcher C. Dehart (1865-1867)  

     The second child of George J. and Sarah lived only two years and a few more months.

Virginia Alice Dehart (1866-1950)

     Aunt Alice faired better than her brother. She was just past one when he died. I will be more writing a little more about her. I actually knew her when I was young.

Oto C. Dehart (1867-1869)

     Oto was born March 5, 1867 less than one year after Alice (March 22,1866) came into the world.  Oto only lived two years too.  He died two months after yet another sibling was born. This sibling was my great-grandmother, Emma Susan.

(to be continued)


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