Monday, April 11, 2016

Grandma's Photo Shoot

I have shared several pictures of my great-grandparents, Charles and Jennie Wright, with their children. I have come upon some photos of ggrandma Jennie which I had not seen before. I am showing them here along with one of question.
This photo is not new to me and may have already been shown in an earlier post. In the flowered dress is Emma Susan DeHart Borden and in the dark dress with the hat is Jennie Emily Olmstead Wright. (I wonder if I got my love of black from Jennie). These ladies are my paternal great grandmothers.
This is the only photo of the group that is not clearly identified on the back as Jennie Wright. I do not know for sure but I think I recognize the background as the house where she lived when I visited as a child.

This picture and the one that follows are interesting. It appears that Jennie is wearing the same dress, shoes, and pin.  Her hat looks a little different, but maybe not. I think her face and demeaner appear very different. In the first picture she looks unusally glum. In the second picture she looks a little younger.
 I can certainly see the resemblance to my father in her.

Below are Jennie and Charles Wright. I am guessing they are standing in front of their daughter, Hattie's, house. Again, I am just guessing. I know Hattie and her husband lived in a very large house.  
GGrandpa Charles looks like a prosperous gentleman in this picture which I have been led to believe he was. GGrandma Jennie might not like being caught without her hat. Her hair almost looks like a wig to me.
The picture below is the picture I don't know about. Nothing is on the back but it was in a collection of other Wright family pictures. Do you think it is Jennie as a young woman? Her face is shaped the same.  I hope one of my second cousins might know. I moved Charles and Jennie's family pictures to the Featured Post on this main page. As I look over the family, I am wondering if this could be Flo. She and her mother have a very similar shaped face.

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