Monday, May 16, 2016

Another Try!

We join Bonnie and Al again today as they continue to try to find the DeHart Cemetery This is the fourth segment of the story. To read the first three, click on A Dream Come True, This is all DeHart Land,  Civil War Country.


Here we are again going up Main Street and turning to the left on Knobs Road, the one lane road.  With houses on both sides, the winding little road goes up and out of town leaving houses and the town behind.  We continue going up around corners with a home built along the road once in a while.  Trees prevented seeing much once in a while.  Other times, we could look down and see the town in the valley.  Wishing we had a small truck to travel this road, a 26 foot motor home was a little too big for these roads.  After a time we came to our road.  We stopped to talk to Ed Raddcliff again, but he wasn't home so we went on another road to see more of the mountain. We couldn't see much with the trees and the one lane road winding up and down.  We stopped at a house and Al talked to a guy.  He said he knew of the grave yard and there were still head stones there.

So back to Knob's Road we went knowing it had to be there.  We parked at another lane where we'd parked the day before.  There was a house and the people were home.  Al talked to them and told them our story.  They said they knew the graveyard was there.  The house was on a little ridge and you walked out on it, and it was there.

This time a log chain was locked across the drive. We took a pillow case, put in our chalk, two beers, my inhaler and  our camera.  We crossed the chain, walked down the lane lined with trees and came out on the hay field.  We walked across one end of a pond and then made our way to the left to get on the wagon road.  A short way down another chain was across the road so we went walking down the road. To the left was a steep hillside with trees and to our right everything was steep with trees.  Also trees limbs had grown together overhead.  It was cooler this morning. Everything was still.  Going down this and wondering why build down here.  Was it water?  We would never know.  Walking and climbing over downed trees, we came to the turn and we followed the road down and down.  Walking along we could see the cleared fields.  When we came even with the pond, we turned and walked toward where the house had stood.  Starting at where the house had been, we both started walking out on the ridge.  Al was on my left looking under trees. The grass was taller then my waist.  Little burrs stuck to our clothes as we walked.  I had a stick about 5 ft. long parting the grass. We even looked under pine trees, still walking back and forth on this ridge.  Looking ahead I saw a part of a gate with some boards on each side, a fence of sorts.  I called to Al and said, "I think I've found it."  Over he came and as we walked closer we could see some stones.  What we'd hope to find was here.  What a felling it was.  I guess it was coming to see some I knew. My Grandma DeHart Borden was born near here.  There were grandparents here.  While standing here I wondered when if anyone had been here last.  Al said, "This makes our trip."

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