Friday, May 20, 2016

Should I go?

Today I finish the story of my aunt and uncle's genealogy trip from Oregon to West Virginia.  This was all about the DeHart family and the quest to find the area where my Great Grandmother Emma Susan DeHart Borden was born, the DeHart homestead and the DeHart cemetery.

I remember when my aunt and uncle took this trip to Union, West Virginia.  It was 1988 and we had just moved into a new house in Springfield, Illinois.  They stopped to see us and share their adventure. Was I interested? No. Not in the least.  I was in the middle of settling into a new home, boxes to unpack, cleaning to be done. I pretended to listen to some story about tromping through weeds and finding grave stones that had been buried over time. Ho-Hum.

Fast forward 28 years.

I have just finished transcribing the journal my aunt wrote on that quest to find the original DeHart homestead and cemetery.  I am so glad she included some photos and especially excited about this map I found.

Now don't you think I could find it and retrace her steps. 

 Later this summer, we are headed to within a couple hours ( maybe three or four) drive of this mountain.  Do I dare suggest to my husband that we retrace this adventure?

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