Friday, April 21, 2017

Another Wright

     Currently, I am blogging about climbing the Wright Family Tree Already, I have received some questions about names and passings, and we are really just on the first rung.  In Writing About the Wrights , I showed a picture of my grandparents, Albert and Nina Wright, and listed the names and dates of their eight children.  From those eight children, Albert and Nina, had 21 grandchildren.  Margie, Mike, Lynn, Sue, Bill, Linda, Peggy, Jim, John, Kathy, Steve, Debbie, Leni, Kristy, Jenny, David, Mitch, Janie, Deanna, Rob, and Kenny.

     In genealogy there is a poem about how would your ancestors look down on you. Today I want to acknowledge one of those descendants of the Wright Tree I am climbing.  Congratulations to my cousin, Jim Wright.  Read his story here.

     Due to some technical difficulties ( probably in my head), I am note sure this link will work.  If not, Google...Jim Wright Courier-Journal.

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